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"DAVID MIERS is reported to be in the top 10 cage fighters in Gosford. He has some serious dish washing skills and thinks that Elizabeth Bennet is hot. Although he thinks that his wife Rowena is hotter. David works in youth ministry for a great church. Likes to: speak in third person, watch and play soccer, eat food and surf the web. He has never watched Star Wars."

House of Flying Daggers

Row and I just finished watching House of Flying Daggers. She gave it to me in a 3-pack (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon + Kung Fu Hustle) for my Birthday. Visually it was stunning and the cinematography was very good. I used to be a fan of 'D' grade Kung Fu for the gratuitous fight scenes! However, since the choreography of Yuen Woo-ping in The Matrix and CTHD, I appreciate the A-grade, big-budget, well-rehearsed sequences in martial arts movies.

There were two options for watching tonights movie:
1) Spoken Language: Mandarin. Subtitle: English.
2) Spoken Language: English. Subtitle: None.

I normally go for option #1 - but tonight we went for option #2. This made the movie less authentic than when I watched it at the movies.

Question: Is it possible to enjoy watching it in English? Or is it always better to have to read the subtitles?

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  • Anonymous John Dekker says so:
    Wednesday, October 25, 2006 8:31:00 am  

    Sure! Why don't you drink some *instant* "coffee" while you're at it??? top

  • Blogger David says so:
    Wednesday, October 25, 2006 10:23:00 am  

    hey john... i take you like the subtitles?!?!


    (hey coffee people - you're more than welcome to join john and make this post coffeeified like yesterday's post - andy, guthers, dan, and the like)

    peaceout top

  • Blogger Nixter says so:
    Wednesday, October 25, 2006 11:26:00 am  

    I often like to practise my kung fu moves while drinking my a great coffee ;) top

  • Blogger Nixter says so:
    Wednesday, October 25, 2006 11:27:00 am  

    ps David, I have got all the gif files to upload one of those blogger templates but I had two left over I believe this is not good. Have to start over :( top

  • Blogger David says so:
    Wednesday, October 25, 2006 12:22:00 pm  

    nixter - what you have to do is upload all the gif files in the template.

    so i uploaded mine to googlepages... it was very quick and easy.

    and then you find that image
    let's say "bg.png"
    an insert "http://whereyourphotoishosted.com/bg.png"

    so for mine it would look like this:

    then i find all the images in the template and paste in davidnmiers.googlepages.com each time

    does that make sense??

    it's not too hard... i think... top

  • Blogger Christopher says so:
    Wednesday, October 25, 2006 3:38:00 pm  

    I like subtitles because they make me feel that I have learnt the language by the end of the film top

  • Blogger Nixter says so:
    Thursday, October 26, 2006 9:52:00 am  

    I tried that and it kind of worked but all a lot of the info (profile/recent posts/friends links etc) ended up at the bottom of the page instead of next to my blog entries. Weird. I was tryin to do the rounded blue one.. I tried a few times and then gave up :( top