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"DAVID MIERS is reported to be in the top 10 cage fighters in Gosford. He has some serious dish washing skills and thinks that Elizabeth Bennet is hot. Although he thinks that his wife Rowena is hotter. David works in youth ministry for a great church. Likes to: speak in third person, watch and play soccer, eat food and surf the web. He has never watched Star Wars."

Youth Ministry: Summerfest 2007

Summerfest 2007 (see here, here or here) finished yesterday. It was a great week of proclaiming the glorious news of Jesus with the people of the Central Coast. I'm not sure of the official figures... but we had over 200 teenagers come along to our two teenage programs, making a bunch of new contacts.

The highlight for me was one young guy becoming a Christian on Thursday night. Very exciting. He has been coming to one of our lunch time Christian groups for over a year - but this was the first time he came to a youth group event. After the talk he came up to me and said he prayed the prayer. We chatted for about 45 minutes about what he meant by it and if he was keen to become a Christian. PRAISE GOD!! I told him about a friend who celebrates 2 birthday's: his biological one + his rebirth as a Christian. So I went and bought him a birthday banana smoothie!

His mates from school are pretty excited about it too. Pray for him that he'd now grow up in Jesus and persevere until the end.

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